Letters of Appreciation

“May I, on behalf of Rye Food Bank, thank you and your staff for the latest magnificent donation from your foundation to our cause. Every donation is very much appreciated. Thank you all – Rye Food Bank”

“Thank you so much Jempson’s for your wonderful support! – Little Gate Farm”

A very big ‘thank you’ to The Jempson Foundation for the grant of £100 towards the upkeep of Playden W.I Hall car park. The hall is used every day, sometimes twice a day by groups and individuals in Playden, Rye and the surrounding area. This means that repairs and upkeep are on going. All of us at Playden W.I are very grateful for your help. 

“Polyphony, the Wadhurst – based singing group, was delighted to accept the very generous donation of £100 from The Jempson Foundation. I know that a member of the choir, Peter Ward, was instrumental in making contact with your organisation and it was a great honour for him to formally accept this donation on the Choirs behalf. With very best wishes and our grateful thanks. Wadhurst Polyphony”

“Thank you for your kindness to us all today and for your good wishes, we’ll certainly keep in touch and will be up to do some shopping with Clients soon. Encompass Care”

“On behalf of St. Peter’s Church, Newenden, may I thank you very much for your generous donation to our flower festival this weekend. It has proved to be a great success and we will now be able to proceed with installing a new lighting system and repair part of the ancient roof. Many thanks again. St Peter’s, Newenden.”

“On behalf of Strandliners’ Board of Directors and scores of active volunteers, I would like to thank the Foundation for it’s generous support. The Jempson Foundation’s award will inspire all of us in the community to increase our efforts to make Rye and it’s environs a safer and healthier place to live in and visit. Strandliners CIC”